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About us

AI Square is an applied Artificial Intelligence research firm.
We partner with industries to identify real-world challenges that AI can solve.

Our journey started in 2011, Louis and Nicolas connected over their shared passion for computer graphics while working at a Montreal startup.

After diverging paths and gaining valuable experiences in tech hubs around the world, they've reunited to co-found AI Square, channeling their expertise and vision into pioneering AI innovations.

About us
Changi Airport Group

Can you solve this problem with AI?

After hearing this from clients for years we decided it was time to start AI Square. We transform AI research into practical, sector-specific applications.

Our mission is simple: create AI solutions that deliver clear, tangible value to our clients. We're dedicated to solving problems, driving efficiency, and making a real impact for industries.

AI Research & Development Highlights

At the intersection of industry and innovation, our R&D is deeply rooted in real-world challenges.

From healthcare to infrastructure and logistics, discover how our AI-driven advancements are redefining processes, minimizing downtime, and maximizing value for our global partners.


Revolutionizing Cranial Care: AI-Enhanced 3D-Printed Prosthetics for Japan's Leading Med-Tech Innovator


Pioneering Predictive AI: Slashing Downtime, Unlocking Savings at Asia's Premier Port with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions


0 to 1: AI-Powered Information Integrity for industries relying on legacy technology reduces verification processes by 90%


Discover our AI-driven Information Integrity platform designed to cater to businesses handling a diverse array of information sources, from paper and digital documents to client-generated data.

It seamlessly integrates all sources, reducing verification tasks by up to 90%.



AI Square's Machine Learning as a Service offers industry-specific AI models for real-world benefits.

Regardless of your industry, our solutions seamlessly enhance operations, cutting costs and boosting efficiency.
We empower your business with industry-specific AI models, delivering tangible results.

Automate the impossible with our tailored machine learning services.


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